Eating My Way Through Greece

One of my favorite parts, there were many, of my trip to Greece was the food. It was unreal. We were also fortunate enough to go at a time when everything there, including food and housing, was relatively cheap because of the Greek economy. We were also able to drink because there is virtually no … More Eating My Way Through Greece


The World Traveller

Taylor Callaghan is one of my closest friends, roommate and on top of all of that, an avid traveller. Out of anyone I know, she has been to the most places, so I knew her experiences would be a perfect addition to my blog about traveling. She also loves taking pictures, and I knew she … More The World Traveller

About Me

I was born and raised (mostly) in Vermont, with a quick 5 year stint in Sarasota, Florida during my middle school years. But of the two, I much prefer Vermont. I love to downhill ski and cross country ski in the winter, and hike in the summer. I love the snow and the mountains, both of … More About Me

Off To Greece: Part 1

A couple weeks after my high school graduation, my best friend and I boarded a plane for Greece. We had been planning this trip for months, budgeting our savings and finding the cheapest hostels, planning every last detail we could. I had never been so excited for anything in my life; I mean my parents were letting … More Off To Greece: Part 1


This time of year really makes me think about home. There are so many traditions surrounding fall; watching football on Sundays on the couch by the fire, the leaves changing, and hanging on to the last few days of nice weather, that I miss while at school. I thought this would be a perfect time … More Stoweked