This time of year really makes me think about home. There are so many traditions surrounding fall; watching football on Sundays on the couch by the fire, the leaves changing, and hanging on to the last few days of nice weather, that I miss while at school. I thought this would be a perfect time to write about my hometown, as it is almost peak foliage, and Stowe just got a shout out in the Huffington Post Travel as the the number one spot on 10 of America’s Best Places for Seriously Stunning Fall Foliage. We happen to have a lot of state (and town) pride. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of just how beautiful it is.

Here is one including my favorite animals, cows, which is most likely because I have grown up next to or near dairy farms for most of my life.

While I am having some serious FOMO of foliage right now, I do not miss all of the leaf peepers (what we call tourists who come in drones to take pictures just like the ones above). But who can blame them? We in Stowe are used to tourists, who flock to Vermont for every season of the year.

One of my favorite things to do in the fall at home is hike. The view of the colored leaves from up high is unlike anything else. One of my favorite hikes is the Pinnacle Trail, which is a quick hike with an unreal view at the top.

You can also hike up Stowe Mountain, through a number of different trails varying in steepness and difficulty. I hiked a few this summer and here is a picture I took from the top of Nosedive (a ski trail).


As I talk about all of these amazing things about Stowe, I realize that the greatest part about it is the community. I may not have realized it in high school and growing up, but I think about now how lucky I am to have grown up in such an amazing place.There is such a tight knit community. I went to a public high school of about 200 kids, so everyone knew everything, about everyone. There were times in high school when I absolutely hated that, but looking back now, I am so grateful. Although people would know things about your life in under 10 minutes of them happening, everyone is supportive of each other. We had such a unique high school experience. For example on Fridays in the winter, we would have the afternoons off to ski. Our weekend activities consisted of hiking the countless trails, mountain biking around the mountain and skiing every single weekend during the winter. I appreciate this non-traditional lifestyle, and definitely miss it now being in central Pennsylvania. While this post can not do Stowe justice, I wanted to give a small insight into what life in a small town in Vermont is like. As soon as it starts snowing (which will be sooner then we realize), I will write more about what it is like to live through what can seem like the longest winter in the world.


3 thoughts on “Stoweked

  1. First of all, love the pun. Second of all, I really love this and really connect to it. I also grew up in a really small ski town with 200 kids in my high school and we also took Friday afternoons to go skiing. I’ve never heard of any other school doing that and that’s so cool. I’ve never been to Vermont, but these pictures make me want to visit like no other and become a “peeper.”


  2. As someone who is from New England, I can definitely appreciate your love for foliage (because it’s awesome, duh). My mother is probably one of those crazy leaf-peepers you are referring to, because ever October she drags my dad to go to Stowe with her to check out the leaves. Kind of weird she does this because we have the exact same kind of foliage right in our back yard. I was lucky enough to be a able to go home for fall break this semester, and definitely didn’t take getting to see the New England foliage for granted.


  3. I loved reading this post and really loved to see all the pictures of Stowe. I have been there a few summers ago, so I am what you call a “peeper” I guess. Anyway I had a great time there and think it is an awesome town. I love the coziness of the town. I am so jealous of you being able to hike, mountain bike and ski all the time because those are some of my favorite activities. Stowe is a great place to be and this post definitely made me appreciate how awesome it really is!


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