Eating My Way Through Greece

One of my favorite parts, there were many, of my trip to Greece was the food. It was unreal. We were also fortunate enough to go at a time when everything there, including food and housing, was relatively cheap because of the Greek economy. We were also able to drink because there is virtually no drinking age, which made us feel very grown up.

I think the hardest part of being in Greece was budgeting our money. We wanted to eat everything and do everything, but that isn’t realistic when you are on a budget. But at the same time, you don’t want to miss out on any experiences because you were trying to save money.

Since there were a million amazing foods, I thought I would rank my top three, since it would be impossible for me to write about all of them.

IMG_13911. Feta Cheese

I love cheese, all kinds, but nothing compared to the fresh feta in Greece. They put it on everything; toast, sandwiches, salads, fish, steak, deserts, literally anything you could think of. It also did not taste anything like the kind you buy in the grocery store here in America. It was rich and had so much flavor, I wish I could have brought some back with me. (That squid was stuff with feta).

2. Gyro

A gyro is made of meat that is cooked on a vertical rotisserie, served in a pita with tzatziki sauce and tomatoes and onions, and occasionally french fries. First of all the pita’s served in Greece are a million times better than pitas here, and the tzatziki sauce was amazing. It was slightly sweet but tangy, and mixed amazingly well with the meat. It was also really cool to see how the meat was cooked.

3. Baklava

Baklava is actually a turkish desert, but was served at almost every restaurant and cafe in Greece. It is made with layers of pastry held together by chopped nuts with syrup and honey. It is one of the sweetest and richest deserts I have ever had. Our favorite little cafe also had a few variations, put together in different ways with slightly different flavorings and nuts. I think we ate this almost every night for desert.DSC_0705

Thinking back on all of the amazing food we ate, I am so glad we didn’t hold back and tried everything. Food and drinks are such a large part of culture that you can not fully enjoy traveling unless you fully enjoy all of the food they have to offer.I highly suggest to anyone traveling, to try every food you have the opportunity to, because you never know what you might discover!



One thought on “Eating My Way Through Greece

  1. This is really interesting to me because when I was in Italy, the food was my favorite part. My parents would ask me about the sights, museums, and history, but all I wanted to talk about was lasagna and margarita pizza. I’ve never been to Greece but I’m sure the food was amazing there as well. The feta cheese looks incredible!


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